Knitted Accessories- Scarf Heart
Knitted Accessories- Scarf Heart

Knitted Accessories- Scarf Heart

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It’s been Estelle’s dream to venture into knitwear so it’s only fitting that she begins her knitwear journey with knitted accessories. Estelle and her team are so excited to present to you the very first MITV range of scarves, mittens, gloves and leg-warmers... yes, leg-warmers! We’re bringing them back! 

Estelle has spent long months educating herself on the process, understanding all the varied knitting stitches and yarns, so this is a collection she is so proud of. Another thing we are all proud of is that all pieces are MADE IN MELBOURNE USING AUSTRALIAN SOURCED 100% MERINO WOOL. 

-Scarves are knitted in 3 colour Birdseye Jacquard.

-Length 220cm + Width 40cm

Please Note: our first delivery has completely sold out so we are frantically working on a second drop. We apologise for the delay, please expect a three week turnaround.